Obscure The Aftermath USA Full CSO 811Mb

Obscure The Aftermath USA Full CSO 811Mb

When the original Obscure hit retail shelves in 2005, it introduced gamers to a fairly new take on the survival-horror subgenre with fully cooperative play. Although the game was met with mixed reviews, the co-op theme certainly warranted praise and was appropriately carried over to the sequel, Obscure: The Aftermath. Aftermath arrived on several consoles early last year and I was fairly pleased with certain parts of the experience. The mix of co-op play and survival-horror was still an enjoyable concept and some of the atmospheric environments were executed wonderfully. The music was the icing on the cake, as the startling beautiful, unmistakably chilling soundtrack seemed almost too good to be true for a "budget level" game.

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Tested working on a CFW 5.00 M33-6 and other higher CFWs.

Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part1.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part2.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part3.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part4.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part5.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part6.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part7.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part8.rar
Obscure The Aftermath.cso.part9.rar


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